Mission Statement

Iotron Industries is a company committed to developing and advancing industrial use of Electron Beam technology on a global basis. Iotron is committed to providing its customers with products or services that meet or exceed their expectations and to meet the highest quality standards nationally and internationally. Iotron will work with its customers, associates and suppliers to achieve continual improvement in quality, productivity and value. This policy is to be accomplished by conducting our business with the highest regard for our employees, clients, suppliers, the environment and the communities in which we carry on our business.

Quality Assurance Commitment

In business today the importance of Quality Systems is increasingly recognized. Not only do these systems attract and maintain clients through the confidence they inspire, but they also ensure that the company meets quality requirements in a regulated and efficient manner. Iotron recognizes and appreciates these roles, and has maintained an established ISO registered quality system since 1996. Our Quality and Standard Operating Procedure Manuals ensure compliance with industry standards, which in turn allow us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectation of quality.


Iotron values people, excellence, integrity, diversity, responsiveness, initiative, results and the community. We strive to be an excellent place to work and a great company to do business with. We care about each other, our customers, our suppliers, and our shareholders. We will do our absolute best to honor our commitments and to act with integrity and fairness. We will recognize individual initiative, excellence in work performance and offer career reward for achievement.

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